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2018 EBTJV/FWS-NFHP Project Funding Opportunity

This folder contains all the information needed for the 2018 funding cycle. To submit a project for funding, you must be a registered member of this website. Please register for membership early because you will need to be approved before you can use the website as a member to upload applications. The deadline for this funding opportunity is 5:00 p.m. Eastern time on September 22, 2017. Please create a folder with the name and location of your project. All application materials must be uploaded to your project folder.

Materials to Download and Review for 2018 Application Submission

1 EBTJV / FWS-NFHAP 2018 Project Application Instructions

This document provides detailed instructions for filling out the EBTJV / FWS-NFHAP 2018 project funding application form and Adding your Project online.

2 EBTJV 2018 Project Scoring Criteria

This document contains the criteria used by the EBTJV to score project proposals.

3 EBTJV / FWS-NFHAP 2018 Project Application Form

This EBTJV / FWS NFHAP Project Application Form needs be completed for project proposals seeking 2018 funding assistance.

4 USFWS Photo/Video Release Form

Requirement for the application package.

5 US Fish and Wildlife Service Sponsoring Offices

Contact information for USFWS sponsoring offices by jurisdiction.

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