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2020 EBTJV/FWS-NFHP Project Funding Opportunity

This folder contains all the information/material needed for submitting Brook Trout conservation project proposals for the federal FY2020 funding cycle. To submit a project for funding, you must be a registered member of this website. Please register for membership early because you will need to be approved before you can use the website as a member to upload applications. The deadline for this funding opportunity is 5:00 p.m. Eastern time on October 4, 2019.

Upload your 2020 Project Application Packet Here

Please create a folder for your project inside this folder by first opening this folder and then clicking "Add New..." and then "Folder" from the green menu bar. Name your folder with the title of your project. Upload all of your application materials into your folder by opening your folder and then clicking on "Add New..." and then "File" for each of the documents you need to upload.

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EBTJV/FWS-NFHAP 2020 Project Application Instructions

This document provides detailed instructions for filling out the EBTJV/FWS-NFHAP 2020 project funding application.

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EBTJV/FWS-NFHAP 2020 Project Application Form

The EBTJV/FWS-NFHAP Project Application Form needs be completed and uploaded for project proposals seeking FY2020 funding assistance.

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USFWS Copyright Release Agreement

Requirement for the EBTJV/FWS-NFHAP project funding application package.

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US Fish and Wildlife Service Sponsoring Offices

Contact information for USFWS sponsoring offices by jurisdiction.

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EBTJV 2020 Project Scoring Criteria

This document contains the criteria used by the EBTJV to score project proposals.

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