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Science and Data Committee

The charges for the Science and Data Subcommittee are to:

1. Establish monitoring programs that measure the effectiveness of EBTJV conservation actions taken to improve the status of brook trout;

2. Develop a research plan that identifies key brook trout research needs and establishes priorities for research funding;

3. Engage brook trout management agencies to develop minimum data standards to facilitate data sharing and reporting;

4. Assess current data gaps;

5. Create a centralized, web-based, data access system to query brook trout data owned and maintained by the management agency;

6. Develop a web-based map server application to view brook trout distribution, abundance and habitat information; and

7. Establish a web-based system for the efficient dissemination of EBTJV related data, maps, reports, and outreach material.

If you would like more information on the Science and Data Subcommittee, please contact our Chairman, Jason Detar.

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