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File Troff document Lynn Camp Prong Restoration, TN_FY07 Project
This project eliminated non-native Rainbow Trout from Lynn Camp Prong in the Great Smoky Mountains State Park through the use of chemical means. Approximately 8 miles of stream were treated in an effort to restore a viable Brook Trout population.
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File Troff document Sunday River "Chop and Drop", ME_FY07 Project
This project evaluated the impacts of adding large woody material to streams in order to attenuate flows and determined that adding this material resulted in positive trends in reducing flashiness of flows, improving Brook Trout habitat, and trapping sediment. However, one of the lessons learned was that a longer monitoring period than the three-year life of this project is needed. Overall, the project determined that "chop and drop" can be a relatively inexpensive and simple method to attenuate variability in flows, create, improve and restore Brook Trout habitat, and trap sediment.
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File Troff document Whitethorn Creek Habitat Restoration, WV_FY07 Project
Project partners teamed up with landowners in the Whitethorn Creek basin to install livestock exclusion fencing and related infrastructure, install Natural Stream Design features, plant trees, and control invasive species to restore more than one mile of stream habitat and 16 acres of riparian vegetation.
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File Troff document Williams Run Acid Mine Drainage Mitigation, PA_FY07 Project
This project mitigated the effects of acidic pH levels in Williams Run by using lime treatments and constructing a limestone bed system to passively treat acid mine drainage over the long term.
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File Troff document Enhancing Connectivity in the Androscoggin River Watershed, ME_FY08 Project
This project improved fish passage and assessed fish passage barriers within the watershed.
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File Troff document Rehabilitation of an Unnamed Stream, ME_FY08 Project
This project corrected the vertical alignment of an unnamed stream Belfast, ME to accommodate historic aquatic connectivity to the marine environment, benefitting sea-run Brook Trout.
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File Assessing the Efficacy of Remediating Episodic Low pH (and High Aluminum) Concentrations in Headwater Brook Trout Streams with Clam Shell Additions_FY09 Project
This project demonstrated that clam shells could be utilized to increase pH and decrease detrimental inorganic aluminum concentrations. In Dead Stream, water chemistry has improved by approximately 1.0 pH unit, and total fish densities increased two-fold. In Canaan Brook water chemistry has improved by 1.0 pH unit and First Lake Stream improved by 0.7 pH unit, while fish densities have increased 2- and 6- times, respectively. Macroinvertebrate communities have improved somewhat, especially among mayflies and stoneflies, while amphipods and snails have appeared for the first time. However, even at treated sites, macroinvertebrate communities continue to have low diversity and may not achieve Class A water quality. Overall, by adding buffering capacity, there has been a boost to the bottom of the food chain which has contributed to improved fish abundance and diversity. In the fourth year, biological communities are still adapting to the new conditions.
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File chemical/x-pdb Tipton Creek Culvert Replacement, NC_FY10 Project
In the summer of 2011 the culvert at the Davis Creek Road (FSR 420) crossing of Tipton Creek was removed and replaced with a concrete arch, stream simulation crossing for the purpose of passing aquatic organisms, where the existing culvert was known to be a barrier to aquatic passage due to velocity and outlet drop. The crossing was sized using the 100-year flow calculation derived from the USGS Regression Equation for the mountains of North Carolina. Additionally, the width of the crossing was designed to accommodate a bankfull flow channel dimension plus a small area of floodplain. The channel was reconstructed through the crossing using the dimension, pattern, and profile of the reference reach upstream. The new channel was constructed using imported boulders and onsite alluvial materials. Grass seed was sown, and trees and shrubs were planted, both potted and live-stakes. Over the last year since construction, the site has experienced several small flood events. The site remains stable, passable to all aquatic species, and looks more and more natural every year as planted and natural vegetation establishes.
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File Troff document Restoring Connectivity in the West Branch Machias River, ME_FY10 Project
This project replaced two under-sized and failing road-stream crossings (culverts) with 1.2 x bankfull width open arch structures.
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File Troff document Willow Creek Restoration, PA_FY10 Project
This reports provides a summary of the work completed on this project from October, 2012 to September, 2013.
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