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Peterson Pond Dam Removal Third Herring Brook, Hanover, MA

Peterson Pond Dam Removal Hanover, MA

The goal for this project was the removal of the Peterson Pond Dam and provision of fish passage and additional habitat to the base of Jacobs Pond, the headwaters of the Third Herring Brook. The project was completed in November 2020 and was the last dam removal on the Third Herring Brook. Partners are working on additional passage projects upstream of this project.

The removal of the Peterson Pond Dam will open up 1.3 miles of instream habitat in the system for anadromous and native fish and complete the removal of three dams on the brook. Peterson Pond Dam is currently in the permitting phase this grant would fund completion of final design and removal. Completing the Third Herring Brook restoration to its headwaters at Jacobs Pond would result in 4 miles of stream opened (9.7 miles including tributaries) through three dam removals and access to 59 acres of habitat. The Third Herring Brook is home to multiple species with special status and significance, and has been documented as habitat to river herring (alewife and blueback), brook trout, American eel, sea lamprey, and rainbow smelt. Pocket populations of native brook trout have been seen in the cold-water tributaries of the brook and also documented in the mainstem through PIT tagging. American eel and sea lamprey have been found in the Third Herring Brook as well as rainbow smelt (a NOAA Species of Concern). The primary issues preventing the recovery of each of these species are limited physical access to spawning habitat, habitat degradation, reduced water quality due to dams and culverts, and low flows during the late summer and early fall. This project will also remove an obstacle for amphibian and reptile species moving through the brook’s corridor including eastern box turtle (Terrapene carolina), a state Species of Special Concern.


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