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About Us

We are passionate about wild brook trout, and the need for our work to keep brook trout on the map has never been more important.
Photo credit: Ryan Hagerty/USFWS

What is the Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture?

The EBTJV is a network of fisheries managers, scientists, nonprofits, state and federal agencies, regional and local governments, businesses, conservation organizations, academia, scientific societies, and Tribal organizations that is working to conserve healthy populations of brook trout in the eastern native range. We work collaboratively with partners at multiple geographic and jurisdictional scales to reverse the declining trend for wild Brook Trout, and are one of the twenty members of the National Fish Habitat Partnership.


Eastern US map of wild brook trout patches
This map shows patches, or groupings of small watersheds, where wild brook trout exist either without the competition of brown and rainbow trout, or alongside these non-native species.

Brook trout have been lost from many of the watersheds they once inhabited, because of factors including logging, sedimentation, elevated temperatures, and non-native species. Most wild brook trout are relegated to headwater streams, where forest cover is still prevalent.

What does the EBTJV do?

We are the only conservation organization devoted entirely to wild brook trout and its role in coldwater systems. We fill a need for collaborative, coordinated management of brook trout habitat across jurisdictional lines, especially through data sharing and our assessment. We also fund on-the-ground habitat improvement and brook trout reintroduction projects.

What you can do

Are you part of an organization, business group, or governmental entity that might have an interest in joining EBTJV? To support these collaborative efforts, the EBTJV Steering Committee has adopted a formal Management Structure and all active partners have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The MOU affirms a voluntary commitment to participate in this Fish Habitat Partnership. Continued expansion of the partnership will allow the EBTJV to represent all interested partners in advancing the partnership’s strategic priorities. If your organization would like to become a formal member of the EBTJV, please view the MOU and contact EBTJV coordinator, Lori Maloney, at for next steps.

Not with an organization - that's ok!  If you would like to learn more about what you can do, please go here. Also, connect with us via email to receive news and notifications in your inbox! 

 banner with kids fishing, someone holding fly rod, and a brookie

EBTJV Steering Committee Members


State Agency Members:

BrianEltz/Matt Goclowski/Andrew Bade – CT Department of Energy &Environmental Protection

Sarah Baker – GA Dept.of Natural Resources

Dan Goetz/ Matt Lawrence – MD Dept. of Natural Resources

Jake Rash – NC Wildlife Resources Commission

Merry Gallagher – ME Dept. of Inland fisheries and Wildlife

Colby Denison/Dalton Courtemarche – NH Fish and Game

Ross Shramko – NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife

Greg Kozlowski/Fred Henson – NY Dept. of Environmental Conservation

Jason Detar – PA Fish and Boat Commission

Corey Pelletier – RI Department of Environmental Management

Dan Rankin - SC Department of Natural Resources

Jim Habera – TN Wildlife Resources Agency

Brad Fink - VA Department of Game & Inland Fisheries (follow link in his name for interview)

Lee Simard/Maureen Lynch – VT Fish and Wildlife Department

David Thorne – WV Division of Natural Resources


Federal Agency Members:

Will Duncan - US Fish and Wildlife Service

US Geological Survey

Nat Gillespie – US Forest Service

Matt Kulp – National Park Service



Jud Kratzer – American Fisheries Society

Shawn Rummel – Trout Unlimited

Glenn Erikson – Federation of Fly Fishers

Geof Day- Sea Run Brook Trout Coalition


EBTJV Leadership:

Jake Rash (NCWRC) – S.C. Chairman

Lee Simard (VT DFW) - S.C. Vice Chairman

Nat Gillespie (USDA Forest Service) - Past Chairman

Lori Maloney (Canaan Valley Institute) - Coordinator


EBTJV Member at-large:

Steve Perry 

EBTJV is supported by our 501c(3) sponsor, the Canaan Valley Institute.

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