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About Us

We are passionate about wild brook trout, and the need for our work to keep brook trout on the map has never been more important.
Photo credit: Ryan Hagerty/USFWS

banner with kids fishing, someone holding fly rod, and a brookie

What is the Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture?

The EBTJV is a unique partnership between state and federal agencies, regional and local governments, businesses, conservation organizations, academia, scientific societies, and private citizens. The EBTJV is a geographically focused, locally driven, and scientifically based effort that uses a non-regulatory approach to protect, restore and enhance aquatic habitat throughout the range of the eastern Brook Trout.

What does the EBTJV do?

We work collaboratively with partners at multiple geographic and jurisdictional scales to reverse the declining trend for wild Brook Trout.  By focusing its actions towards conserving aquatic habitat and improving water quality, the EBTJV is ensuring we continue to have healthy waters that sustain outdoor recreational activities, generate economic vitality, and provide inherent values for generations to come. We are proud of this collaborative work of experts and managers from Georgia to Maine.  

By working across jurisdictional lines, the EBTJV fills a need for coordinated conservation. The EBTJV provides leadership in Brook Trout conservation that is grounded by science; and, through its network of the region’s top scientists and fisheries managers, the EBTJV identifies priority needs, delivers valuable decision-support tools, and promotes proven techniques for conserving wild Brook Trout populations. This range-wide, coordinated approach is as important as ever, given the increasing threats to brook trout from climate change and other challenges.

Our History

We began in 2005, and in 2007 became one of the nation’s first pilot Fish Habitat Partnerships formed to assist in implementing the National Fish Habitat Action Plan ( Recently, the Action Plan was codified by  America’s Conservation Enhancement (ACE) Act of 2020.  It authorizes an appropriation of up to $7.2 M for fish habitat conservation projects across 20 Fish Habitat Partnerships. ACE places an emphasis on restoration efforts that will enhance sport fish populations that will improve recreational fishing opportunities and public use of the resource. We hold an annual call for funding requests for native brook trout habitat projects through the National Fish Habitat Partnership.

What you can do

Are you part of an organization, business group, or governmental entity that might have an interest in joining EBTJV? To support these collaborative efforts, the EBTJV Steering Committee has adopted a formal Management Structure and all active partners have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The MOU affirms a voluntary commitment to participate in this Fish Habitat Partnership. Continued expansion of the partnership will allow the EBTJV to represent all interested partners in advancing the partnership’s strategic priorities. If your organization would like to become a formal member of the EBTJV, please view the MOU and contact EBTJV coordinator, Lori Maloney, at for next steps.

Not with an organization - that's ok!  If you would like to learn more about what you can do, please go here. Also, connect with us via email to receive news and notifications in your inbox!