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North Region Threats

Challenges Brook Trout are facing in the Northern Region of the EBTJV.

The last, best stronghold for Brook Trout in the eastern United States is in the northern region. More intact populations are found in this region than in the other two combined. It is the only region that contains all four distinct adaptations of Brook Trout: riverine, stream, lake dwelling and sea-run. Although the north has large tracts of uninhabited public and private land, Brook Trout are severely threatened by human impacts.

Challenges in the North Region:

  1. Sediment and high water temperature caused by land use changes
  2. Fragmented populations from dams and culverts
  3. Exotic species such as smallmouth bass and non-native trout

Management Priorities:

  1. Protect healthy populations
  2. Reduce habitat fragmentation
  3. Improve water quality
  4. Build partnerships


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