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Southern Region Threats

Challenges Brook Trout are facing in the Southern Region of the EBTJV.

Brook Trout no longer occur in 40% of their historical range in the region. Researchers have identified a unique strain of Brook Trout called the southern Appalachian Brook Trout (SABT). This heritage strain is the keystone species of the southern Appalachians and is an important biologic, economic and recreational asset to the region. One special southern habitat is the valley spring creeks, where Brook Trout loss is nearly 100%. The remaining Brook Trout are generally isolated in the high elevation headwater streams located mostly on public lands.

Challenges in the South:

  1. Agriculture practices that increase sediment and water temperature
  2. Invasive species
  3. Urbanization

Management Priorities:

  1. Protect existing Brook Trout from competition with invasive fish species
  2. Improve existing Brook Trout habitat
  3. Minimize land use impacts

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