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Brook Trout Assessment Data

This folder contains all of the EBTJV's brook trout assessment data sets.

EBTJV Sub Watersheds

This data set outlines the sub-watersheds of the EBTJV. It also includes information about Forest Cover, Agriculture, and Road Density

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Original Rangewide Assessment Data Set

Original brook trout subwatershed assessment 2006 Includes: 1. Hudy, M., T.M Thieling, N. Gillespie and E.P Smith. 2005 Distribution, Status and Perturbations to Brook Trout within the eastern United States. Final report to the steering committee of EBTJV. 77 pp. 2. Detailed GIS data used for hte analysis of the Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture Reports. 3. Thesis: Thieling, Teresa M. James Madison University. May 2006. Assessment and Predictive Model for Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) population status in the eastern United States. 65pp.

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