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Camp Wiahkowi Dam Removal a Success

Friends of the Winooski River completed the removal of Camp Wihakowi Dam in 2020.
Camp Wiahkowi Dam Removal a Success

Bull Run Fact Sheet

May 21 is #worldfishmigrationday ! We are highlighting a project that benefits brook trout in multiple ways, including connectivity. The Friends of the Winooski River completed the removal of Camp Wihakowi Dam (Vermont) in 2020.

The circa 1920 dam was causing flooding upstream and sediment pollution downstream. Removal of the dam resulted in impressive gains: it reconnected 6 miles of Bull Run and an additional 21 miles of upstream habitat, allowed the stream to once again access the larger floodplain, and protected downstream habitat from the smothering effects of sedimentation.

But of course, a dam removal project doesn't stop when the stone, concrete, and sediment have been removed. Floodplains were seeded and planted with native vegetation. To improve recovery and stabilization, project partners performed additional work on the pedestrian bridge, access road, and former pool area in 2021.

Monitoring by SLR International shows that after 1 year the river is free flowing, sediment transport has been naturalized, the restored floodplains are successfully vegetating, and habitat has been improved.

According to Michele Braun, Executive Director of Friends of the Winooski River, "Friends of the Winooski River received funding and technical support from many partners, including EBTJV, making this a real collaborative effort. We feel great knowing that removal of this dam provides access to critically-important cold water refuge for the abundant wild trout in the Dog River system"

Great job, Friends Of The Winooski River! Funders included The Nature Conservancy Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation, Lake Champlain Basin Program USFWS Fisheries Vermont Natural Resources Council (VNRC), and Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture. For more information and full partner list, go to

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