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Pigpen Branch, SC restoration

Biologist Hailey Goyette gave a presentation about a recent project to restore Brook Trout to Pigpen Branch, SC, at the June 2024 EBTJV Steering Committee meeting.

We thought that this project would interest a wider audience, so we are making the files available.


Eastern Brook Trout Restoration in Pig Pen Branch and Lick Log Creek, Oconee County, South Carolina

The objective of this project was to restore a reproducing Eastern Brook Trout Salvelinus fontinalis population in Pig Pen Branch and Lick Log Creek.  Eastern Brook Trout are listed as a species of Moderate Priority in the South Carolina’s State Wildlife Action Plan (South Carolina Department of Natural Resources 2015), but has been elevated to High Priority in the 2024 revision, which is in progress.  The project also sought to produce secondary benefits toward developing status information and guide future management of other State Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP) species within the immediate project area and downstream, such as the Chauga Crayfish Cambarus chauganensis.

Follow this link to see slides from her presentation, or read here for the final report

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