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Project Completion Reports

This folder contains project completion reports that were submitted by the principal investigator(s) for those Brook Trout conservation projects that received EBTJV/FWS-NFHAP funding support.
 Title   Type 
Smith Creek Headwaters Restoration, VA_FY06 Project File
Big Run Restoration, WV_FY06 Project File
Cooper Creek Restoration, GA_FY06 Project File
Browns River Watershed, VT_FY06 Project File
Habitat Restoration in Chattahoochee National Forest Streams, GA_FY07 Project File
Lynn Camp Prong Restoration, TN_FY07 Project File
Sunday River "Chop and Drop", ME_FY07 Project File
Whitethorn Creek Habitat Restoration, WV_FY07 Project File
Williams Run Acid Mine Drainage Mitigation, PA_FY07 Project File
Enhancing Connectivity in the Androscoggin River Watershed, ME_FY08 Project File
Rehabilitation of an Unnamed Stream, ME_FY08 Project File
Assessing the Efficacy of Remediating Episodic Low pH (and High Aluminum) Concentrations in Headwater Brook Trout Streams with Clam Shell Additions_FY09 Project File
Tipton Creek Culvert Replacement, NC_FY10 Project File
Restoring Connectivity in the West Branch Machias River, ME_FY10 Project File
Willow Creek Restoration, PA_FY10 Project File
Carloe Brook Fish Passage Restoration, ME_FY11 Project File
Lynn Camp Prong Brook Trout Restoration, TN_FY11 Project File
Restoring habitat connectivity in Machias and Saint Croix River tributary streams, ME_FY11 Project File
Enhancing Connectivity in the West Branch Narraguagus River, ME_FY11 Project File
Big Wadleigh Pond Restoration, ME_FY12 Project File
Jam Black Brook Culvert Replacement, ME_FY12 Project File
Removal of Two Dams in the Wetmore Run Watershed, PA_FY12 Project File
Dam Removals on an Unnamed Tributary to Frankstown Branch, PA_FY13 Project File
Scott Brook Fish Passage Restoration, ME_FY13 Project File
Aquatic Habitat Connectivity in the Upper White River Watershed, VT_FY13 Project File
Mill Creek “Chop and Drop”, WV_FY14 Project File
Little Cards Brook Culvert Replacement, ME_FY16 Project File
Anthony Creek & Little Cataloochee Creek Restoration, TN/NC_FY17 Project File
Dam Removal on the East Branch of the Passumpsic River, VT_FY17 Project File
Culvert Replacement in the West Musquash Tributary. ME_FY18 Project File
Bowman Creek, PA File
Wolf Den Run Final Report 2021 File
Friends of Winooski River completion report 2022 File
Peterson Pond Dam Removal completion report 11/24/2020 File

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