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GIT project: facilitating brook trout outcome

Facilitating Brook Trout Outcome Attainability through Coordination with CBP Jurisdictions and Partners 

Objective and Goals 

The overall objective for this project, as described in the Request for Proposals, “is for the TU and its subcontractor, the Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture (EBTJV) to work with the EPA Data Center Team, the Brook Trout Work Group, and other partners and stakeholders currently collecting data to populate the database to better evaluate progress on the Chesapeake Bay Program Brook Trout Outcome.” The Chesapeake Bay Program Brook Trout Outcome is to “restore and sustain naturally reproducing brook trout populations in the Chesapeake headwater streams with an eight percent increase in occupied habitat by 2025.   

Four main goals towards the overall objective: 

  1. Identify opportunities for cross-GIT collaborations with other CBP teams (Healthy Watersheds, Fish Passage, Riparian Buffers) on connected actions, e.g., reforestation, aquatic connectivity, land conservation 

  1. Strengthen communication and coordination with other stakeholders (eg., non-DNR state agencies, other NGOs) 

  1. Collect and compile existing data from stakeholders and analyze monitoring and implementation data necessary to adequately track progress.  

  1. Work with the CBP EPA Data Center Team to develop a tracking/reporting application 

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